Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How To Make Shabby, Fabric Ribbons

Wrapped Favor With Handmade Ribbon
Have some spare cloth and a rubber stamp? Well, then take five minutes and make some fashionable ribbons. Don't have these items? In that case, luck is on your side- plain muslin fabric and stamps are incredibly cheap. In fact, I got this the Eiffel Tower foam stamp block for 1.00 dollar at Michael's, and the cotton is free scraps leftover from a friend's sewing project. Any craft store or quiling supply should have a good rotary cutter for around 10.00. They are very sharp; be careful!

Simply lay out your cloth and use a stamp and ink to cover the muslin with images. Smaller stamps work better for this. You can use multiple stamps or colored inks. Then, take your rotary cutter, and cut the cloth into 1/3 inch wide strips. There you go!

Pile of Ribbons

Foam Stamp, Ink, Rotary Cutter, Dye Ink

Stamped Muslin Strip

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  1. I like to tea dye my muslin first. Adds that old, shabby look even more! Also, I LOVE to use brown stamp pads. The darker brown on the tea dyed muslin matches almost everything! Wrap a gift in brown craft paper and finish with the tea dyed, brown stamped fabric ribbon then add some sort of clever "accessories" to the bow (like a vintage key or dried flowers or herbs, jut a couple of ideas) to add extra love to a gift to someone you love.