Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Shop

Our featured seller this week is Nancy. If you want pillow fillers NancyK4U is the shop to go to... BUT while you're there look around, because she has a lot of colorful, fun things in her shop. You'll especially like them if you have kids or know anyone with kids. 
Her create-a-story pillows are the most creative thing that I've seen for children in a while. Dragon with a Wagon encourages a child's active imagination. All you have to do is ask the child a few questions about the colorful illustration, and you've got an entire story.  
Her birthday pillows are similar to the create-a-story pillow. Except that the Happy Birthday Pillows have a little pocket on the back of the pillow to hold a note, a card, or even some cash.
Another child-friendly item in Nancy's shop is the Snapkin. It's a giant napkin with a drawstring close. It's a convenient way to take snacks to go. So, not only is it great for kids, it's good for hiking or any other outdoor activity. It a great idea!

How long have you been sewing, Nancy?
I learned to sew on a treadle (which I still have) when I was about 8, I have never stopped since.
I was always fascinated watching my mother take apart a dress with a full skirt, lay it out and end up with dresses for my sisters and I or a fashionable '60 style for herself.
What made you jump on the Etsy train and start selling?
I think a friend suggested I check it out. When I saw the low listing fees I decided to try it out. My intention was to make pillow covers and offer inserts to go with them...haha, I don't think I ever sold a cover but I sell quite a few inserts! Everything else in my shop is an idea of mine and fun for me to do.
How do you come up with the ideas for your pillows?
The art pillows (which are-(heart)-on a pillow) came one night when it was quiet and I was remembering how (as a child) I always drew pictures while telling a story about the picture in my head. It starts with something that rhymes; Dragon with a wagon, little gray mouse with a big brown house. The birthday and tooth fairy pillows....just because, an alternative to a card? Something cozy and fun? :D

Very fun!

There is so much more in her shop. Stop by and check it out. 

Thanks for the interview Nancy! 

Featured Shop: NancyK4U

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