Sunday, October 6, 2013

October Team Meeting News

Sat. Oct. 5th was the team meeting. Unfortunately, no one was able to attend, but don't fret, there will be more scheduled! I got to enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee and jot down some notes regarding the important things to discuss on Etsy this month. This post also contains some pictures from our team fall show off thread. If you see an item you like, check it out here:

From Creative Glass By Becky
1) There are going to be some really big Etsy changes coming up in 2014. I copied and pasted this so we can all be aware. Sellers will now legally be able to:

1. Hire staff. Etsy sellers are now allowed to hire help in creating the items that they sell and those employees can live anywhere. Previously sellers could have their shops shut down if they had help from people in other parts of the county or world.

2. Use shipping services. Sellers will be able to use outside shipping and fulfillment services. They will no longer be required to personally ship all of their items.

3. Use manufacturers. Etsy sellers will be allowed to use outside manufacturers to produce the designs they create. They must submit an application to the Etsy team to make sure the manufacturer meets Etsy's ethical guidelines.

Read more:

From Earrings By Susan

There have also been changes to feedback, to make it a 5 star system. Sellers can no longer give feedback. Kiss and make up system is still in place.

From Decorated Holidays

For my shop, Mylana, I am working on my about page, putting emphasis on the words handmade and locally made in my social media marketing, and adding a few pictures of myself to my shop and Facebook page. I hope this drives home the point that my goods are not factory made and produced here in the USA. I am also trying to expand my custom order base. How are you planning to survive?  We have a team discussion here:

From Bowdaliciousness

2) Holidays are coming soon! I just stocked up on bubble wrap, envelopes, and packaging supplies. Make sure to change your tag and get your winter items listed now.

3) For local events, we have the huge Bell Buckle craft show and Webb art fair coming up soon. It is absolutely enormous and a great time. It is always the 3rd weekend in October. You can find maps and information here from the Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce

The team discussion board has an ongoing local craft show discussion, too. Check it often to share new venues and discover places to sell.

I've also been featuring places such as The Art Barn and the Artisan's Marketplace, which are local venues that will sell your crafts on consignment. Look through the team blog and facebook to stay aware of local opportunity.

By The Creative Camille
4) Don't forget about Amy Averitte' big online charity auction bash coming up Oct. 18th. Her father in law has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and their family is raising funds for medical procedures that could prolong his life and ease his suffering. On a personal note, I have been where this family is when my husband passed away from cancer in 2010. Many times the newest and best treatments require long distance travel, overnight lodging, and force caretakers to quit their jobs. On top of that, the terminal patient has all sorts of last wishes and desires on the "bucket list". Families need a little extra money during this time to cope and make the patients last days the best and pain free. I donated some beading supplies to the auction, but you can donate anything, or you can shop! Read all about it here in our blog post:

From Tishlee
5) The next meeting will be be announced. It will be in Dec. 2013 or Jan. 2014. This meeting will be on a weeknight. 

By Blue Cloud Crochet
As always, if you need some help promoting your shop and have no money to advertise and no idea of where to start, please message me or try this hints:
-ask for a feature in the team blog
-ask for a free ad in the blog
-post your new items or sales on the team Facebook
-participate in team threads, discussions, and treasury games
-join a treasury making team or promotion team on Etsy

By Hugs Love

Participation is the main thing that will get you seen! This morning, I had 100 views from treasury alone by 10 am. I participate in a few teams besides the local team that are very helpful and are not juried to get in. Try these and tell them Mylana sent you :)
-Avid Treasurers team
-STATTEAM (self taught artists)
-Trendsetting Treasury Team
-SPS Promotion team

I know everyone is busy and doesn't have a lot of time, but if you drop in to the team boards just once a week to play a treasury game or comment on a thread, it helps us all stay connected and gives your shop some visibility; however, this is a no pressure team and I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and Winter Holiday season!
Made by Mylana (me!)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Donations of Handmade Goods and Supplies Needed for Charity Auction

This blog post today is information about the charity auction being hosted by team member and local Middle Tennessee resident, Amy Averrite. Her family has has a difficult time dealing with a terminal cancer diagnosis. She is going to be hosting an online auction starting Oct. 18th and needs both shoppers and donations. You can donate handmade goods or supplies. You could also make a purchase to help! Read on to find out more about the event and how to help.

Two Adorable Boys With Their Handmade Creations by Amy

On September 3rd, 2013, my father-in-law, Fred Averitte or as our family and kiddos call him "Pappy", was diagnosed with Stage IV Small Cell Lung Cancer which spread(metastasized) to the liver which also left him with metastatic bone lesions His type of cancer is incurable and we were given a very short time frame, BUT Pappy is a fighter. He is unable to work and my mother-in-law had to quit working to become his full-time care taker. They have to drive on average 4 days a week for chemo treatments, BUT the cancer center is an hour away.

I will be hosting a Prayers for Pappy Auction on my business facebook page, fAveritte creations:

I am looking for anyone who would like to donate any of your creative goodies to the auction. Below is all of the important information about the auction and what I would need from you. If you are interested...please either private message me here through Etsy or you can e-mail me at: with all of your information

- It will begin at midnight on Thursday, October 17th and end at midnight on Sunday, October 18th
- I will host it on my business facebook page fAveritte creations
- 100% of the proceeds from the auction will be given to my in-laws to help pay for the medical costs
- Every single item's starting bid will be set at $5 with a required $1 bid thereafter 
- I will take care of sending out all of the invoices through Paypal after auction winners have been announced on Monday, October 19th
- Once I receive payment for your item, I will send you the shipping information to get your donated goodie to the auction winner


- I need pics of your item(s) or a link...they can even be something that is custom made for the auction winner if you would like
- Details of your item(s)
- If it is a custom auction item, the expected wait time for their item
- Shipping information: meaning are you willing to donate the shipping costs for international auction bidders or just keep it to US based auction winners
- Everywhere you are on the web: social media links, shop links, blog WILL NOT be required for auction bidders to like your pages...but I want to have your on-line presence under your auction item if you would like to provide them

I will be blasting this all over my facebook and twitter pages during those 4 days and hope that you will do the same and share the auction to help spread the word. Thank you so much in advanced...your generosity is absolutely wonderful and from the bottom of my heart...I want to say thank you from my entire family 

Happy Creating, 
Amy Averitte
fAveritte creations

You Can Donate Supplies and Finished Goods!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I Like Your Dress, Featured Vintage Clothing Seller

Today we are going to be talking with Lee Ann Reynolds, vintage fashion collection and owner of the online clothing store I Like Your Dress . Lee Ann is a Tennessee native and loves vintage clothing and dresses. Read on to find out more about her business and passion for vintage clothes! All of the dresses in the article are for sale in her online shop, plus there is a Facebook link and a coupon code for a discount at the end. Let's hear what Lee Ann has to say about her Etsy shop and living in Tennessee!

I live in White House, Tn which is about 25 minutes North of Nashville. I'm not really a crafter, per se. I do hunt for fabulous vintage dresses, skirts, and rompers and have them repaired & revived when needed. I guess that could be considered being “crafty”, just not in the making something with raw materials sort of way. 

As a child, my favorite thing to do at my grandparents' house was rummaging through the closets to find old clothes to try on. As I got older, I started using these pieces to create “real” outfits. Some of my most memorable finds were a 40s sheer nylon purple floral dress and my mother's 70s jumper dresses, jeans, and woven sandals.  Now, I hunt through estate sales, thrift stores, and yard sales to find great vintage garments. I started out buying only for myself. Then, I found myself buying in all sizes because I couldn't leave a good find behind. I specialize in dresses because I've always found them easy to style and I love the quality and styles of the dresses of the past. 

When I realized I had enough clothes to start selling I listed some items on Craigslist and Ebay. I had heard of Etsy, but had never checked it out. Once I did, I saw my product would fit in nicely there. I opened my store, i like your dress, on July 7th of this year. It is a very new project.  I have sold at the Nashville Flea Market and will continue to sell there in the future. It is a fantastically huge place to spend a weekend. If you haven't been, you are missing out on a great time! 

I have a “look” visualized for my shop and I am continually working on Etsy in order to realize this shop vision. I am also currently searching for a vintage camper to use as a mobile shop. Once I find the perfect round “canned ham”, I plan to travel to various flea markets and vintage fairs to sell my pieces and meet other wonderful vintage lovers! As far as future projects go, I am just focusing on developing my store into a streamlined, aesthetically pleasing, and fun place to shop for vintage fashion!

Yesterday my friend and I went on a 3 hour trip to view a camper I had my eye on. During this trip we heard “Rocky Top” on the radio, blasted it, and sang our hearts out. We are total geeks sometimes and we definitely love TN. It's the only state I've ever lived in. Tennessee is home. If you are looking for vintage clothes in TN, I would suggest going to as many rural area estate sells and yard sells as you can. 

I would absolutely adore it if your readers would drop me a line on facebook. I would love to hear from them and visit their pages as well! 
I am also offering a very special 50% off coupon code to use on any item under $40.00 in my Etsy shop for your blog readers only! The code is HALFOFF and my shop can be found .

If you are thinking of opening an Etsy store my advice is to just do it! Then, get active in the forums and research all that you can about how to improve your shop and connect with your market.