Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oct. 7th Team Meeting Notes

Lisa, A Vintage Seller From TheTreeCricket
 Sunday's meeting was a small, but cozy affair at Hasting's in Murfreesboro, with plenty of hot coffee and chatter about the the upcoming holiday season on etsy and in local craft venues. The next meeting is Friday Nov. 16th at 2pm in the same location. Feel free to bring business cards and samples, but it is not obligatory! Here is a blog post about the Nov. meet up, with a list of main points from the meeting to follow: http://borocrafters.blogspot.com/2012/09/team-meetups-sunday-oct-7th-and-friday.html

-If you are interested in a Nashville meetup, please post in this discussion and thank you, Becky, from TheMonkeyButtons for asking :)

-Need to promote? Feel free to post one listing a week and one sale or promotion on the team facebook. Share your latest pictures and upcoming craft shows. Please limit posts that are only a product listing to once a week. http://www.facebook.com/TennesseeCrafts?ref=hl

Samples and Business Cards For Excange
-Get a free ad here in the team blog and a feature written about your shop, just convo Mylana, the team captain.

-Welcome new members! Thanks for joining and feel free to ask for marketing advice or a shop critique on the team boards.

-Vintage sellers, watch the team boards for a vintage only promotion thread.

-Christmas is coming on etsy, make sure to have plenty of products made and shipping supplies on hand. Change your item tags to winter/holiday theme tags at the end of October.

-Part of our team mission is to promote local businesses. Please tell us if your products are for sale in any local venues, or you know of new stores that sell local and handmade products. Becky, from TheMonkeyButtons is going to be writing a blog post soon about her sister's new brick and mortar baby boutique opening in Nashville. They will be selling local, handmade, eco-friendly baby and mother items. We also like to see who is at any local craft fairs and festivals.

-Zadzukki is organizing an MTSU craft fair for sometime in November. Please see the team boards for updates.

-New team treasury games are coming!

A Christmas Gift Bought on Etsy

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