Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Shop

Jennifer Mills of MillsDesignCo has a firm grip on what vintage is really all about: the love of fashion.
You won't find just any old thing in her shop. The things you find in her shop are things that aspiring designers have been striving to create for decades. 
These wonderful wing tip heels are something that you would buy first. Then you would search for the perfect complimenting dress later. They don't make shoes like this anymore. 

You can't tell me that this vintage wedding dress wasn't something you would plan a wedding around. Look at the lace detail. The back has beautiful buttons all the way down to the bottom of your bum. 

My favorite of her featured pieces is this leather belt. This belt would do fabulously with a button up shirt-dress and some cowboy boots. You could pair it with a plain sundress. You could even put it with a dark green cardigan and tan skirt. The possibilities are endless.

Do you have favorite places to dig for your fashion treasures?
I love going to estate sales. I have made friends with some people in my area who host estate sales so they usually let me have a sneak peek at the sale before everybody else :) I also go to a lot of yard sales and thrift stores with my Mother-In-Law. We started hunting for goodies together about five years ago and it became a weekend ritual! 

Are there any specific items that you love finding?
Oh goodness...are there any specific items that I DON'T love finding?! haha! Truthfully, I love everything! But I have a soft spot for apparel: clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories. I like luggage and housewares too, but not as much as I love clothes and shoes! 

What is your favorite time period for fashion?
I love the 1940's and 50's when the heels were thick and women were really beginning to venture out in their style. Dresses and shoes were unique and made with love. There's nothing better than the style of Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Grace Kelly....Those ladies really set an example for future generations and left their fingerprints on specific styles that will never be forgotten. I mean, who can look at a white halter dancing dress and not think of Marilyn?!

What started your passion for vintage?
Well, I've always loved old stuff! When I was a young teenager my Mom and I went to my Grandmother's house to help clean out the basement...I came across a big box of clothes from the 60's - 70's and fell in love! I spent all of 8th grade in my Mom's old polyester shirts and bell bottom jeans! All of my friends would say, "Wow! Where did you get that shirt?" I never told anybody that my clothes were 30 years old! As I got older, my passion for vintage clothes broadened from groovy jeans and bold patterns to more classy styles that I could wear out to dinner with my husband. Now, at 30 years old... it's become more of lifestyle than a hobby.

Thank you so much, Jennifer for participating in this week's Sunday Shop. 

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