Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sew Unique! Custom Fabric and Knit Goods From NancyK4u

Have you ever wanted to have a custom garment or piece of home decor made to your specifications and with great attention to detail? Well, Nancy Turner from Murfreesboro, Tennessee provides that service, and it is affordable, too! With accessories starting at 2.50 and pillow inserts starting at 4.00, having something custom made just for you is no longer a dream.

Nancy is originally from Illinois, but she has lived here in Tennessee for 20 years. Her full time job is in a craft store, and she has her online business here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/nancyk4u Nancy also makes children's clothes and accessories, like babushkas and chef's hats, along with pillow inserts, and plushies. She loves natural fabrics, like unbleached muslin, and strives to reduce waste and find uses for her fabric scraps, like this recycled cloth yarn above, perfect for those big, chunky knit projects.

Nancy started out her shop, Fine Linen and Scarlett, trying to sell decorated pillows and pillowcases. Soon, to her dismay, she found that she was competing again so many online seamstresses selling handmade sewn pillow covers. Fortunately, fate intervened and a customer had requested a custom sized pillow insert. Nancy made it according to the consumer's dimensions, and a niche market was born! She now regularly makes custom pillow inserts and more.

Now, I am lucky to say that I personally know Nancy and I have been privy to see her sewing room. It is amazing. She has 3 sewing machines, including a treadle and a serger, along with a wooden spinning wheel. Recently, she added 3 child size mannequins to her craft room in order to help her photograph and fit child-sized apparel. Look at this mushroom apron, isn't it adorable?! You can buy it here, along with other theme fabrics, such as robots: http://www.etsy.com/listing/77337510/make-mine-mushroom-childs-play-apron

Nancy works long hours in the fabric department, lifting big bolts of fabric, cutting them, and helping customers, but her passion for creating is so intense that she occasionally visits other area fabric stores on her days off, in search of the perfect colors and designs. If you don't see what you like in her store, just send her a conversation on etsy to get your custom order started today! I know it seems early, but holiday shopping season will be here in a few months, so if you need anything for Christmas, contact Nancy today to help you design the perfect gift or home accent piece.

As part of her environmental philosophy, Nancy hates wasting any useful scraps, so I am sometimes lucky enough to get the narrow pieces from her for wrapping my soaps. Now, isn't that elegant and good for the planet? 

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