Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shelbyville's Queen Lamb Helps Pediatric Cancer Charity

44,000 children are currently battling cancer in the United States, according to pediatric charity Conkerr Cancer. The mission of this organization is to help children in treatment cope with the disease and bring a smile to their faces. This month's project is to provide children who are hospitalized with personalized, decorative pillowcases to inspire them while they are confined for treatment. One of the things that people of all ages suffer from during cancer treatment is depression and feelings of being different. Hair loss resulting from treatment is a major source of anxiety for both adults and children.
This cap here, sewn by Queen Lamb of Shelbyville, TN, features bright, fun colors and a peppy team logo. Cheerful accessories like this go a long way in helping cancer patients conceal any awkward stages of hair loss while sporting a creative accessory. For children with cancer, this boosts self esteem by letting them express themselves through colors and patterns while being fashionable.

Conkerr Cancer, that charity mentioned above is planning on making do rags and chemo caps for children and they contacted Queen Lamb about the possibility of using her do rag pattern for the projects. She said yes, and readily allowed them to use her design. Hopefully, these caps inspired by a Tennessee crafter and made with her graciously donated pattern will help many children smile. If you want to help this charity, they can be found here:

Of course, do rags and welding caps can be great headgear for anyone without cancer too, from burly biker men to adorable toddlers, these caps can be both stylish and sporty. Queen Lamb uses lots of vibrant fabrics to make unusual and interesting designs like this skull cap. If you would like to purchase directly from her, you can find her store online here at etsy. She also does custom orders and sells the patterns for 8.00 dollars, if you would like to sew your own.

As a personal story, I can thank Queen Lamb for donating the use of her pattern to such a good cause. My husband died last summer of testicular cancer, and even though he was an adult, at the age of 34, all of the colorful fabrics and designs from his collection of chemo caps made a tremendous difference in his attitude about hair loss. Suddenly, it was fun for him to choose headgear instead of worrying about how his hair looked or was growing in. He received his do rags from a different charity; however, I know that he would love that there is an organization out there making headgear with children in mind. Thank you Queen Lamb for donating your pattern!

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