Monday, June 25, 2012

June 24th Meetup Recap and Pictures

Samantha and Nancy Chat in Hastings

Samples and Nichole's Latest Cuff Bracelet In Progress

Thank you everyone who attended the Team meetup at Hastings on June 24th. As you can see, we had plenty of samples, smiles, and questions to be answered. Read on for a summary of the burning issues. Besides discussing crafts, marketing, and Etsy, we got to see Samantha knitting with rich, red yarn, and the latest work of Nichole, from BluPoppyStudio. She was making an embroidered cuff, as seen in the foreground of the second picture.

1) What affordable craft shows are coming up?

Laura Franklin of Treasures Seven is hosting a craft show in Tullahoma this fall. It is a private school fundraiser and the table fee is an amazing 25 dollars. Contact Laura here:

Rey, owner of the shop Zadzukki is helping to organize another show at MTSU. The plan is to have it outdoors in Oct. or later, in a high traffic area. More details will be announced about this even as they become available. She also is looking for yarn and fabric scraps to create items to send to children in Africa. Rey's sister is currently on a mission in Africa and would distribute the handmade items. Contact her here to donate or inquire about the MTSU craft show:

2) What's new with the business side of things?

Vistaprint has new premium quality business cards 250 for an intro price of 9.99. They are comparable in quality to MOO cards.

Etsy now has direct checkout available. It is popular with buyers, but you cannot access your funds until 3 days after an item ships. This could be difficult for custom orders.

The Art Barn in Murfreesboro is looking for arts and crafts for consignment. They also have new summer classes and art camps. See the home page here:

On etsy, you can now list multiple quantities of items without the additional 20 cent fee per item. You do pay the 20 cents per item on your bill if you sell more than one.

3) What is happening with the team?

As always, we need content for the blog. Contact me (Clare from Mylana) to have your shop featured. I might be planning a giveaway for later this summer.

Check out the team facebook. You can share one item or sale/promotion a week, and any pictures or announcements of your work in progress:

Play the team treasury games. There will be a winner once every 2 weeks. Look on the team discussion boards or facebook for links and details.

The next meeting will be in August.

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