Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Washi Tape Madness

Honey Saffron Soap from Treasures Seven of Estill Springs
Washi tape, deco tape, gaffer tape, tissue tape...whatever you want to call it, this is a new craft essential and tons of fun. Essentially, these deco tapes are printed making tapes from Japan; however, you can now buy them in Hobby Lobby and other local craft stores under the Tim Holtz brand. Expect to pay roughly 3.50 dollars for a 10 yard roll. This tape has many uses and is well worth the price. There are tons of patterns and designs, with some of my favorites being the Tim Holtz vintage themes.

This Honey Saffron soap looks so cute all wrapped up with pretty green tape! No matter what you make, decorative tapes can make your products and wrapped gifts look extra nice.

So, besides the pattern, what is so special about this tape? For starters, it is removable and will not damage or rip paper. That is great for scrapbooking and cardmaking. Imagine an adhesive that is totally reposition able and will not damage your project!

Handmade Card (by me, Clare) In Murfreesboro With Black Damask Tape
What else can you do with Washi tape besides packaging and paper crafts? If you are a baker, simply wrap the tape around a toothpick and cut to make flag cupcake toppers. Fold it over a string and trim into triangles for quick mini-bunting. Seal envelopes, cards, and letters with a special touch. I use it with plain brown paper to wrap samples and free gifts.

Where is the best place to buy deco tapes? As I said, I like the Tim Holtz designs available at Hobby Lobby, but I also like buying tapes online. There are many supply selections of deco tapes online at Etsy.com, but many of the best designs are located in Japan or Korea, meaning a 3-4 week wait for your tapes. Just search for Washi tape or deco tape and you will find many to choose from online. Locally, you can also purchase it at Walmart in the craft section, for 1.00.

More Soaps With Deco Tape
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