Sunday, August 5, 2012

Inkjet Refill Kit Review

Inkjet Refill Kit
After completing a custom order for bath salt favors, my printer was running low on ink (again!). At 20 dollars or more a pop, refill cartridges are very expenisve. I find myself buying ink every 2-3 months. Finally, I broke down and bought a refill kit to try for myself. The claim is that refilling it yourself will save up to 80%. I purchased my kit on ebay; however, the one in the picture and more are available at this website:

Overall Grade = B+

I would buy the kit again in heartbeat because of the excellent value, but it was more messy and difficult than I expected. The kit requires you to look up a diagram of your cartridge model and drill through the hard plastic casing with a high speed drill. This provides a hole to inject the ink through a syringe. Luckily, I had a dremel tool to do this. The drill bit was provided in the kit. The actual filling of the ink was messy and only one syringe was provided for all 4 colors, magenta, yellow, cyan, black. It was necessary to wash the syringe between colors. When I was done, there was minor ink leakage from the cartridge, but that stopped after about 5 minutes.

If you have the technical know how to operate the drill and plenty of paper towels for cleaning, I would highly recommend refilling your ink cartridge over buying a new one. My best tips would be to completely cover the surface of your work area, work near a sink, and have a bottle of 70% rubbing alcohol on hand to clean up any spills. My kit included protective gloves for my hands.

The kit came with 1 oz of ink of each color, enough to refill the cartridge 3-4 times.


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