Friday, August 10, 2012

Make Your Own Jewelry Display Wood Wall Plaque

Mixed Media Jewelry Plaque
 Attention handmade jewelry lovers, do you ever get sick of having your creations hidden away in a jewelry box or dusty drawer? Here is a simple idea for a project to make your own wood wall plaque with hooks to display your wearable art. With a few cheap materials, you will have your display ready to hang in no time!


Screw In Hooks, Available at Any Hardware Store
-Wood plaque (I got mine from thrift store, but you can also get plain, unfinished ones from Hobby Lobby or another craft store), Look for a notch or hook on the back for easy hanging.

-Paint, paper, stickers, photos, shells, glitter, other decorative embellishments for your plaque.

-Screw in hooks. I got mine from Hayne's Hardware in Murfreesboro, but you can get 20 online at Amazon for just 2.23!


-Handmade jewelry to display

First, clean and prep your plaque. If it is a used one, make sure to remove any dust and dirt before painting and decorating it. Now, you are ready to decorate your plaque. Paint, decoupage, and embellish to you heart's delight, but make sure to save empty space to screw in the hooks. When the plaque is decorated and paint and glue is dry, you will be ready to screw in the hooks, These should go in without having to use additional tools on most types of wood. Using a ruler, mark out evenly spaced lines to place your hooks. Then, firmly press the screw end into the wood and twist until the hook is secure in the wood. Adjust the orientation of the hook to match the others.

You are now ready to hang your display!

Handmade Jewelry Hanging on Display

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