Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cold Weather and Hot Tea

When the temps cool down, I always reach for a cup of hot, fresh brewed tea to warm up and nourish my soul. I have regular black tea, green teas, decaf, herbal, and fruit varieties. Somtimes, I will spice things up with a cinnamon stick. lemon, oranges, milk, or vanilla beans. The possibilities are endless. Hot tea is relaxing and great to promote sleep. It is filled with antioxidants and can be made with medicinal herbs. In fact, tea is the perfect gift and a must have for any crafty person. Today, I will be extolling the benefits of hot tea for DIY gifts, decor, and holiday greetings.

For gifts and crafts, I prefer the foil type teabags, available in any grocery store. They have a long shelf life and the foil packages add a snazzy touch to your design or gift. So, grab your shopping carts and glue guns and get ready to delve into the adventures of hot tea this holiday season. Below are a few idea for using tea bags:

- Gift tags, staple a tea bag to your wrapped presents or gift bags for a personal touch.

- Business and thank you cards, if you sell crafts, consider attaching a tea bag to your business card as a thank you gesture, when you mail an order.

- Christmas cards, lightweight and easy to mail, slip a gourmet teabag in your cards to make your greeting stand out.

- Gift jars and boxes, arrange tea bags in a mason jar or decorative box for a special gift. You can have herbal or fruity themes or opt to include candy and gourmet spices as well. Tea bags inside a mug or travel cup are a great gift too.

-Christmas ornaments and decorations, try hanging on a mini-tree or making garland and bunting.

-Tea bar, have a selection of fancy teas in lieu of coffee at your next party or gathering.

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