Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer is in Full Swing on the Murfreesboro Square!

Saturday June 8th Farmer's Market on the Square
 Today, it was a pleasant morning, overcast, but not raining and in the 70's, the perfect weather for a long walk. I decided to make the trek down to the Murfreesboro square to report on the Saturday Farmer's market...what an awesome extravaganza it was! I purchased fresh garlic and a catnip plant for a great price and enjoyed the scenic downtown ambiance. Here's the scoop on the Farmer's Market, for anyone who has never been.

1) There are many vendors with a huge variety. I saw about 40 vendors with everything from grass fed beef, to home roasted coffee, pet treats, vegetables, garden plants, honey, pickles, sausages, eggs, soap, homemade ravioli and more. It was truly a food lovers paradise. The highlight of the market were the many vendors with fresh, luscious peaches. Not all of the food is locally grown, as in Rutherford County. I overheard a vendor mention that he picked the tomatoes he was selling yesterday in Georgia and brought them back here for the market today. All of the vendors were willing to discuss where and how the products were made or grown and there were plenty of names of local farmers from right here in Middle Tennessee.

Folk Singers and Historical Actors
 2) There was plenty of arts and culture, too! Live music was provided by folk singers from a historical organization and the community theatre was passing out fliers for the upcoming production of Rent. Cafes, bars, and various shops along the square had outside tables set up for mingling and socializing. The atmosphere was festive and representative of a vibrant downtown. The main focus of the market, was; however, on fresh foods, with a few crafts offered. I did not see nearly the amount of beeswax and soap products that were for sale at the other farmer's market at the Ag Center.

3) There is no central checkout or token exchange, like the other market. Each vendor has his or her own cash register and policies. That means some did not take debit cards, and multiple vendors were having problems with their card readers giving errors. I did not ask, but I do not think you can use a food stamps card here. You can use it at the other market, on John Rice Blvd.

Fresh Produce and Honey
 4) This is a dog and family friendly market! There were plenty of animals and kids of all ages.

Purple and Cheddar Cauliflower
5) I walked to the market, so I cannot comment on parking, but it did look crowded and that many people had to walk 2-3 blocks from where they parked. There is no city bus service to this market. 

6) The prices were very reasonable and less than the grocery store for a better, fresher product. People on a budget should try to get to this market to extend food dollars.

Peaches, Squash, and Plants

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