Friday, June 14, 2013

Two Dollar Treasure Trove

Broken Jewelry From Yard Sale
 We all love to find the hidden treasure at a yard sale that is mingled in with all the other trash and junk. In fact, these discoveries make me giddy with anticipation that lends a thrill to casing out the neighborhood rummage sales. You never know what lies buried in all of those boxes and piles of unwanted goods or what kind of deal you can work out with the seller.

Last week, I went to a few garage sales and was pleasantly rewarded with this cache of broken jewelry that I purchased for just a couple dollars. The lady explained to me that the pins were missing backs and the necklace was broken, but I told her that I would take it anyway, since I make jewelry and I could always use the beads and parts for another project. Shrugging, she took my two dollars and wished me luck. I rushed home with my loot to enjoy picking out the best beads and harvesting the use able parts.

Of course, I haven't had much time to play with my booty, but I did make a pair of brown earrings with the gorgeous moon glow Lucite beads I found. Next on my project is repairing the cat pin and making a necklace with the elephant. Perhaps I will even make a stretchy bracelet with the other brown beads. Who knows? The possibilities are endless!
Finished Earrings 

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  1. Awesome! The elephant is what would make it certain that I'd have bought it. I have a friend who loves elephants and would make her something cool.