Sunday, October 23, 2011

Craft Show Checklist

Murfreesboro TN Nov. Craft Show
As I prepare for this upcoming craft show, I am making a list of things not to forget. It has been a long time since I last set up a table at a show to sell my wares, and in all the hustle and bustle to be prepared, there are quite a few things to double check. I am sure that I will forget something on the big day, but here is a quick rundown of some important items to remember.

-Change fund:
Do you have plenty of fives and singles to make change? Is there a bank or business nearby to help in a bind.

Do you have your tax rate figured out and built into the prices, along with any certificates or paperwork you might need to bring along.

Are they marked clearly on your items, or do you have clear signage that is easy to read? Customers are often timid about asking the prices, so having them clearly displayed will help sales.

-Shopping Bags:
Do you have appropriate size bags for the customers to fit the purchases? For bonus marketing, prepare some favor bundles, with your business card, coupons, and a small gift, such as a candy cane or product sample, and place these in the bags before the show. Your shoppers will now be able to find you for future gifts and have a pleasant memory of shopping with you. Many people have allergies, so non-food items, such as a tiny bag of crayons, or a handmade magnet, are good altenatives.

-Lunch and Bathroom Access:
You want to be busy all day selling, but there is bound to be some downtime to take care of your needs. Make sure to pack a lunch and beverages and locate the nearest restroom.

-Emergency Helper:
Have a friend or family member come with you if possible, or someone to call if you need to help or have a problem.

-Medicine, Cell Phone, Warm Jacket, First Aid Kit:
Be prepared for extreme weather situations and minor illnesses/injuries. Wet wipes, kleenex, and lip balm are also good to have on hand.

-Business Cards/Informational Handouts:
You are sure to have plenty of people browsing that are not prepared to buy, but make sure you have something to give out, so they can locate you online or at your next venue.

-Spare Inventory:
Do you have storage bins or room in your vehicle to bring extra items to sell, in case you have more business than expected?

-Reciept Book:
Do you have way to record your transactions so the customer can have a reciept?

-Friendly Smile!
Perhaps your most valuable marketing tool. Make sure to be attentive to the customers without hovering, and available for questions. Do not seem uninterestet or absorbed in texting with your phone or talking to a neighbor.

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