Thursday, October 27, 2011

No-Measuring Sugar-Free Fruit Dessert in Microwave

Mylana's Sugar-Free Easy Dessert
Today I am going to share with you my super-simple, go-to recipe for a deliciously easy fruit cobbler dessert that is cooks in minutes, with no measuring, in the microwave! I am a type 1 diabetic and I count carbs, so I use artificial sweetners to make mine; however, you can use regular sugar as well. This recipe is great for college students who want homemade taste with microwave speed.

What you need:
Fruit (fresh, frozen, or canned)

First, I take the fruit and put it in a microwave safe dish and fill it up halfway in an even layer. If the fruit is frozen, like the mixed berries I used for the one in the picture, microwave the fruit for 4-6 minutes until you can spread it with a spatuala. Next, sprinkle a layer of sweetner or sugar on top of the fruit. You can go light on the sweetner and add more after serving.

Next, in a separate bowl, pour out an amount of bisquick that looks like about half of the fruit. Add a small splash of milk and stir. Keep adding milk in tiny amounts until the mixture is clumpy, but still dry. Start with a small splash of oil and stir. You want it to form into one large dough ball with the consistency of pie crust. I don't measure when I add the liquid, but it is about 2 parts milk and 1 part oil.

Now, flatten the dough ball into a 1/2 inch thick slab. Break off dumpling sized chunks and drop them on top of the fruit, arranging them evenly around the dish. Do not stir.

Finally, microwave the dish and the pastry dumplings will cook along with the hot fruit layer. When you dish this out into individual portions, you will have flaky dough with warm sweet fruit. Add more sweetner after serving if desired. Allow dessert to cool before covering and storing in the refridgerator, otherwise, condensation will form from steam and make your dumplings soggy.

Microwave times for the dessert after adding duplings:
Large pan: 10 minutes
Med pan: 8 mins
Small pan: 6 mins

If the dessert is not done to your liking after the recommended time, cook in additional 2 minute increments until it is done.

A tasty variation of this for the holidays is to use cranberry sauce as the fruit with some cinnamon and nutmeg. If you use cranberry sauce, it has plenty of sugar added to it during the canning process, so skip the added sweetners.

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