Saturday, December 31, 2011

Creative Goals For 2012

Surprise Someone You Love!

A new year is here and everyone hopes to have a better one than last. Today, I will be giving you some ideas to help you discover and refine your artistic side. If you need to escape from a rut or make small changes to move in a positive direction, chose a few of these tips to jumpstart your January!

1) Make a handmade gift for a loved one this Valentine's Day:
Often, we get into a pattern of making the same things over and over to sell, or because it is a certain season. To break out of this boredom, choose someone special this year to create a handmade gift for, something unique that you don't normally make. Sew your husband a team apron for grilling out or make your mom a gardening caddy with her favorite seeds- whatever it is, make it with love and enjoy the fun of creating for the joy of making someone happy.

2) Cook a new food:
Try Something New!
Stimulate your brain by exploring the culinary arts. Make it a goal to prepare a new dish every few weeks. Whether it is a recipe from a magazine, or a dish of your own invention, sampling new flavors and textures can help mentally prepare you to try something out of the ordinary in your crafting, too. Dress up your new dishes, add some garnish or spices! Serve it in attractive dishes and enjoy the experience. Who knows, maybe that orange-cranberry chutney will inspire a color palate for a new hat or scarf?

Enjoy Nature
3) Go for a walk:
Everyone makes a New Year's resolution to exercise more, but this goal, to get outside more, is to workout your brain and spirit by breathing deeply and appreciating nature. There is so much inspiration in the natural world. Notice the shapes of clouds and the bustle of activity in an anthill, on grand scales and small, mother nature never fails to excite the senses. Breathe in and relax, focusing on meditaton and renewal. A few walks a week, will leave you with a plethora of new ideas for creating and a calmer disposition.

4) Go to a museum:
Appreciate the techniques and creativity of the masters. Bring a pen and take a few notes. What pieces are exceptionally striking to you? How does the art make you feel? Are there elements of design you can incorporate in your pieces? Cultivate a desire to learn more and open your mind to new endeavors.

5) Support the local economy:
From arts to apples, reward those places in your region that make it unique by shopping there and voting with your wallet. Sure, there are sometimes when going to Walmart is just too darned convenient to pass up; however, don't forget the small artisans and locations that make your region special. Just like going to the museum heightens your appreciation for culture, Walmart makes everything seem dull and homogenized. Go out of your way to patronize establishments and venues that contribute to the quality of life in your area. 


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