Saturday, December 10, 2011

Easy Winter Craft Tutorial by Liz K Zook

Family Snowmen Made by Liz Zook of TN


Family Snowmen
This is an easy craft using household items to decorate your mantle. You can do it alone or you can get your family involved and let your children decorate their own snowmen!

What you'll need:
construction paper(or printer paper)
markers, pens, or crayons
pictures of members of your family
empty toilet paper roll or paper towel roll (optional)

Step One: Take a piece of paper and cut out circles of different sizes. You can use round objects in your home to trace before cutting. I used a coaster, a cup, and a spool of ribbon. Make sure you have at least three circle cut-outs for each member of your family. I had 12 circles - 3 for each of my four family members.

Step Two: Take three circle cut-outs of different sizes and lay them out from biggest to smallest. Overlap just the edges of the circles. Then glue them together. This gives you a blank snowman for decorating.
Repeat this step until you have a blank snowman for every member of your family.
Set them aside.

Step Three: Take the pictures of your family members and carefully cut out their faces. 

Step Four: Glue a picture of one of your family members to the top circle of each blank snowman. (I glued my children's faces to the smaller snowmen for proportion.)

Step Five: Decorate your snowmen family! This is the fun part. You can draw coal buttons or glue on hats. You could even take it one step further and get some twigs to glue to the snowmen for hands. I just drew mine on. 
Set your snowmen aside to dry.

Step Six: You're going to use the empty toilet paper roll or paper towel roll to stand up your snowmen. (This step is optional. If you want to just hang your snowmen on the wall that's okay. You're done!) Make sure to cut the paper towel rolls down to the length of the bottom two circles of each snowman. Glue one roll to the back of each snowman. Let dry.

Step Seven: Place your snowman family on your mantle or bookshelf (or anywhere else!). Stand back and enjoy the results of this fun family craft!

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