Friday, December 16, 2011

Reeves Sain: Your Destination For Shipping With Pleasure

Reeves-Sain on Memorial in Murfreesboro

Skip the busy main post office and ship your parcels at Reeves Sain in Murfreesboro; they make going to the Post Office a pleasant trip! Inside the drug shore, you can find gifts, a pharmacy, a soda fountain, and the US Post Office. They also serve famously delicious milk shakes and sell shipping supplies. Next time you need to mail your creations, check out this festive local venue. I recommend the home made cakes and salads to eat.

Reeves-Sain is located on Memorial in Murfreesboro, in front of Haynes Hardware. 

Unique Gifts

Soda Fountian

Inexpensive Shipping Supplies

Friendly Employees

Pile of Packages for Christmas Mailing

Great Tasting Food and Beverages

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  1. I agree. It's like a hidden gem in the middle of the city.