Sunday, February 19, 2012

Make Your Own Gift Boxes: Tutorial

Handmade Paper Gift Box

For some time now, I have wanted to learn to make my own boxes for jewelry or samples. Finally, after much experimentation and searching, I have found an easy way to make a decorative gift box. There are alternate methods, like oragami, if you have the skills. Using the materials and methods below, I was able to learn to make my decorative boxes fairly easily. I would like to first give credit to Mirkwood Designs, where I obtained the template. They have templates for many more projects on this site:

Bottom of Box

1) Print your template on the back of pre-printed cardstock (the blank side) or on plain paper for you to decorate. I printed the templates with my printer and then selected backgrounds from the printmaster program for the reverse side.

2) Cut out the template, saving the trimmings for gift tags and mini-cards. This is the time that you would use rubber stamps, glitter, and embellishments to decorate your box.

Earrings In Box
3) Fold template along dashed lines and make cuts where the lines are solid. If you are into serious paper crafting, you might be interested in a "bone folder", a tool to make folding paper easier.

4) Assemble the box top and bottom, adding paste to the tabs.

5) Allow the paste to dry for about one hour. You can then use your box!

Box Template

Decorative Paper and Supplies


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I really need to make boxes but have been postponing it because I didn't want to make the template! - YOu saved me from many suffering hours

  2. Great post! Really useful ;)Thank you