Friday, February 3, 2012

Need A Printing Service? Shop Local at B & P Printers in Murfreesboro

Greeting Card Printed at B & P
Business cards, labels, photo prints and more- whatever you need, B & P Printers, a local printing service in Murfreesboro, has you covered. They are located on Northfield Blvd. in Murfreesboro, near Walgreen's. The service is personal and friendly and the prices are about the same as online printing services. You can go in and consult with them about your item, allowing you to feel and see the different grades of papers and sizes in person. They also send you digital proofs of your custom project before printing.

I recently purchased some online digital collage photo sheets with vintage themes on that I wanted to make into greeting cards. Since I had never done this, I walked into B & P to get a price quote and look at the different types and sizes of blank cards I could choose from. They had many high quality options for me to select and I was able to pay and then send them my designs via email. Within 24 hours, I had digital proofs of my cards. They were ready to pick up the day after I approved the proofs for printing!

My Custom Printed Cards
Best of all, they can print any quantity you want. There is a price break for ordering in bulk, but they do not have a minimum order. Plus, you can bring in old family photos or your own original art to have prints made or ask for help with a custom project.

B & P Printers: 615-895-0405
Edgar Allan Poe Card


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