Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quick Crafts: Felt Cat Toys With Catnip

Hey, Blue Eyes, Whatcha Got?
During one of my recent blog posts, I discussed a fun class I attended about using craft felt. My project was supposed to be a cup cozy, until demon face got a hold of it. At that point, I surrendered. It had now become HIS toy, not mine.

Since he is so cute, I promptly forgave him for biting up my project, but I had some extra craft felt of my own and I found some catnip at Walmart in their new dollar section. This got me thinking about making my own kitty toys. I bought the catnip and headed home on the bus to see what I could do.

(Disclaimer: I despise Walmart and hate shopping there, please look on Etsy for organic catnip or grow your own).
This Is Some Good Exercise!

While at the craft class, I learned to sew with embroidery thread. Although my novice stitches looked comical, they held up and were sturdy. Unfortunately, I didn't have any thread, thus, sewing my project was not an option. I decided to simply put the catnip inside the craft felt and roll it up, like a jelly roll. When I go to the end, I applied some E6000 craft adhesive and tied the ends shut with wide strips of cotton.

After a letting it dry for 2 days, I tested it out. Pepper declares that this is a good toy! He likes the catnip and the toy is really holding up through some rough play. The E6000 is not coming loose, and no catnip has spilled out.

So, if you have some felt, why not create some toys for your furry friends? You could decorate them with bells, fur, or feathers. I think I am going to make kitty a tiny Christmas stocking next holiday season!

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