Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jan. 27 USPS Rate Increases

Attention sellers and shoppers, Jan. 27th 2013, the USPS will be introducing new rates. If you are a customer, this might be time to snag a deal before prices go up. For sellers, it's that dreaded time to edit your etsy listings or website to reflect the increase in prices.

Below is an excerpt from the Etsy blog regarding shipping price changes:

Rate Overview
Most domestic mail classes will see a 3-5% rate increase across the board. The most significant increases you’ll see are in International First Class Postage and International Priority, primarily in smaller packages. Postage in these classes will increase by as much as 100% or more in some cases.
USPS Price Change Comparison
Etsy gets volume discounts from the US Postal Service, and we’re currently able to offer our sellers Commercial Base prices on most mail classes. As a result, some of the prices you’ll see below are lower than the prices you’ll see at USPS retail counters.
Additional USPS Service Changes
  • Parcel Post has been renamed Standard Post and is only available at retail locations. Parcel Select, a comparable service, will replace Parcel Post as an economical, ground shipping option on Etsy.
  • First-Class Mail International Parcel has been renamed First-Class International Package Services. With this change, prices for First-Class International packages have significantly increased.
  • USPS will begin offering free Delivery Confirmation to Canada with future countries to follow. This option will be automatically included for any postage purchased using First-Class International Package Service and Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelope and Small Flat Rate Box package types.
  • The maximum weight for International Flat Rate Envelopes has decreased to 4 lbs from 20 lbs in 2012.
  • Optional Signature Confirmation has increased to $2.20.
To see the new prices in detail before they are released, download the USPS Postage Rates spreadsheet directly from USPS. Remember, Etsy offers postage at a volume discount of Commercial Base with the exception of Parcel Select and Media Mail.
We’re happy that so many of you have chosen to use Etsy Shipping Labels as your USPS postage solution. Happy shipping!
And here are a few tips from me:
- Tell your customers on Facebook and in your shop heading about the USPS rate increases, as not to take them by surprise.
-Be ready to refund shipping overages to your customers. That small gesture is always appreciated.
-Be systematic in editing your listings, so you don't overlook items. For example, edit all of your earrings listings and take a break. Then, do necklaces or another category with items of similar weight.
-Encourage customers to buy more to save on shipping. You can fit a lot in the flat rate boxes for the same price.
-Buyers, ask sellers about shipping discounts with multiple purchases, but beware of large or odd-sized items. Often, these cannot fit in the same box.

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