Thursday, January 31, 2013

How To Make Shimmery Paper Earrings Tutorial

Handmade Glittery Paper Earrings
Whether it is cooking or craft supplies, most of us despise throwing out perfectly good leftovers, and like food, prepared casting resin has a limited time frame to use it in, before it is spoiled and unworkable. A few nights ago, I was playing with EZ Cast resin and a new bracelet mold, when I realized that I had made way too much resin mixture and had to find a use for it. I decided to add some pizazz with teal glitter and laminate card stock with it, for later projects. One of the experiments I tried, was making paper jewelry, like the earrings above. I found this to be a great way to use up my extra resin and make lightweight and comfortable jewelry.

This is a very easy project and you do not need to have prior experience with mixing resin. Just follow the instructions on the package. Jewelry making resin is available for under 20 dollars at Hobby Lobby or online. You will need to know some basic jewelry making techniques to assemble the earrings.

Simple But Fun Handmade Jewelry
-EZ Cast or Ice brand jewelry resin
-thick card stock paper
-1/16th hole punch
-jump rings
-ear wire findings
-basic jewelry making pliers set
-loose craft glitter (I used Martha Stewart brand)

Teal Loose Glitter
 STEP 1:
Mix resin according to package instructions. This takes about 2 mins. Use the resin in a project of your liking, such as pendants or cabochons. Take the leftover resin from your project and stir in loose glitter until you achieve the desired shade and uniform thickness. Please note, you have 15 mins working time with resin until it starts to harden, so move quickly.

Pour the glitter resin mixture onto a thick sheet of flat card stock. It will self level and spread out. Make sure to leave a few inches of room for the resin to spread. If you have a lot of mixture, make multiple sheets.

Allow 48 hours for the resin to harden.

Cutting the Resin Coated Paper
Using scissors, cut the resin sheet into desired shapes.

Using a 1/16th inch hole punch, put a hole in the top of each shape for a jump ring.

Assemble the jump ring and ear wire finding and you are done!
1/16th Inch Hole Puncher

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