Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Tastiest Secret in Murfreesboro

Fresh Thai Food at International Grocery
There's no sign out front, but I knew that something was up on Bradyville Pike when I saw the smiling police officers exiting the international grocery store with satisfied grins and ample to-go-boxes. I was waiting for the bus and thirsty, so I decided to check out the international grocery for an exotic beverage to slake my thirst. In addition to a delicious strawberry flavored coconut water, I also found a small, Thai cafe with fresh cooked, authentic foods, and the BEST pad thai I had ever eaten!

The menu is small and the restaurant has no name; however, the service was impeccable, along with the flavor of the dishes. My table had an impressive array of condiments, from hosin sauce to fresh crushed peanuts. My favorite was the homemade red pepper in chili oil. The owner also sells this to-go in a 16 oz mason jar. 

Now I know food doesn't have much to do with crafts, but I love a good local small business to spread the word about and the bistro inside International Grocery is one to brag about, even if it doesn't have a name. It is located at 1622 Bradyville Pike in Murfreesboro, TN, next to Suds N Duds laundry. While my food was being prepared, I also found some interesting items in the grocery to use for crafts. 

Impressively clean, well lit, and organized, the grocery portion had foods, cookware, and spices from Asian, as well as Latin American countries. I purchased some rice powder for a body powder, sesame oil to put in my bath, and some fragrant wood sticks to add to a potpourri mix, along with vegetables and spices for my pantry. A few of the finds for my kitchen, for a much lower price than sold at World Market, were flavored green teas, mushroom soy sauce, ginseng coffee, lychee candy, aloe vera drink, and many varieties of ramen noodles.

One word of caution is that the food in the eatery is very spicy. You may want to ask them to tone down the spice a little, as you can always add more at the table if it is lacking. I adore spicy food and I found the regular spicy was a bit too much for even me, and I had to ask her to make it medium spicy. 

You can find more information and the 5 star YELP review here:

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