Tuesday, July 12, 2011

fAverrite Creations, Our Newest Featured Local Shop

This post was actually written and saved by Liz before she handed over the blog to me. Thanks liz for putting so much time into this article!

I'd like to introduce one of our newest membersAmy Averitte. Her shop fAveritte creations features perfect little toys for your perfect little one with fun designs and bright colors.

This fairy doll can be custom made with colors to fit your little one's nursery decor. Actually, most of Amy's items can be customized. This particular doll is cuddly enough for babies to snuggle with and it has parts skinny enough for them to fit in their little hands.

If you're looking for the perfect toddler travel companion then you're looking for Lynny. He's small and soft. He'll make the perfect headrest for a toddler in a car seat that just can't stay awake during those long car trips.

In Amy's shop you'll even find a pillow that holds your child's favorite bedtime story. It has the cutest little monster on it and Edgar the Monster can also be customized to match room decor.

Amy, what inspired you to start crafting?

I have always considered myself to enjoy making art, even growing up I loved to depict growing up on a farm in Idaho through creating art. I started crafting full - time (as full - time as I can with a one year old) after I had taken a fibers course in college a few years ago. I had no idea the world of fabric could create so many awesome pieces of art and how one could manipulate fabric into such creative art forms. I was hooked!!!

When did you decide to start selling on Etsy?

I started selling on Etsy in 2010 with jewelry pieces I had made for an art show, but had to take a break during the last few months of my pregnancy. A couple of months after my son was born last July, I needed to start creating again. I had made all of his nursery decor from all of the bedding, to wall decor to stuffed monsters. I made a prayer flag out of monsters and primary colors and a friend suggested I sell my flags on Etsy...so I did! Now a few customized prayer flags have turned into creative creatures for kids to carry around and become their buddy.

How do you choose the wonderfully colorful fabrics that you use?

This may sound very cliche, but I allow the colors and patterns in fabric to speak to me and to tell me what creation they would like to become. I head to the fabric store most of the time with no plan in mind and just fill my basket with different brightly colored fabrics. I have always enjoyed colors and love the feeling they portray.

Thank you so much, Amy! 

featured shop: fAveritte creations

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