Monday, July 18, 2011

Interview with NRSVampChick, A Clarksville Artisan

Today, local jewelry designer and all-around talented crafter Amanda Nalley, will be answering a few questions about her pieces and sharing with us some things she loves about Tennessee. Thank you Amanda, for taking the time to tell us about your passion!

1) Where in TN do you live? What do you like best about that area? 

I live in Clarksville, which is right on the Kentucky state-line. It's right by Fort Campbell and is constently growing, yet still has the feel of a small town.

2) When did you get interested in making jewelry and how did you learn?

I've made jewelry a little bit here and there over the years, but usually just from kits I'd been given as gifts and once I'd used them up, I was done. Then last year, I had gotten to know several jewelry makers while running my own book review blog, and found my way to etsy. Looking around a few times I ran across some things and thought to myself 'I could make that'. So one day, I tried. I haven't stopped since. I keep thinking I'll take classes to learn more advanced techniques, and I probably while some time this year, but so far the trial and error process has worked for me really well.

3) Which piece in your shop is your favorite?

My favorite pieces that I have right now are not in my shop. There sitting here in the room with me waiting for my next craft fair. My favorite piece in my shop is probably my Crosses Gothic Necklace. I started out making that for myself. A very gothic piece that I had always wanted. By the time I was done with it though, I wanted to put up my much worked on piece for sale. Too bad my pictures don't do it justice. Hmmm. Perhaps that should be one of my projects this week.

4) What are your favorite places in TN for shopping, dining, and outdoor fun?

My favorite places for shopping are Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and any other store for craft supplies. In Clarksville there's a local bead store Busy Beads & Moore that has really nice people and a great selection of products. They also help people put together jewelry there in the shop, and have classes for beginners to advanced. Other shopping I like doing at craft fairs when I can, unless it's for clothes in which case I love Kohls or take a trip to Nashville to one of the malls. Oh! I almost forgot to mention Borders, it's my second favorite place right behind Hobby Lobby. Lol!

Dining here in Clarksville I love Japanese food and Hananoki has to be my favorite one. In Nashville, I'm rather partial to Demo's. Is it the liquid sugar, or the good prices? I'm not sure.

Here is the link to Clarksville's own bead shop: 

5) What other crafts do you do?

I enjoy painting anything! From actual oil or acrylic artwork, to decorating wooden boxes, purses, frames, etc. My dad builds birdhouses, so I think I'm going to start painting those for him. I made a birdhouse wind chime last month, and I believe there will be more wind chimes in my future. If I knew how to sew I'd be unstoppable!

6) Why is buying handmade and local important to you?

It's important to the local economy to support those in your community. If not in your town or city, then nationaly if you can. Plus you're supporting someone else in something they love to do. How much happier would everyone be if they actually could make a living doing what they loved the way they wanted to do it. The handmade community a great bunch of people. The local crafters and etsy crafters that I've met have been so supportive and helpful. I just hope I can encourage and support others as well.

7) Is your shop having any sales or promotions right now?

Yes! Not only are most of the items in the ale or clearance, but you can get 10% off right now through the on send of July. Just enter XMASJULY10 at checkout!

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