Thursday, July 14, 2011

HillBillyBaubles: McMinville Jewelry Designer

Today, HillBillyBaubles, a local crafter and jewelry designer will be answering a few questions about her items and life in Middle Tennessee. I just love the stunning color in this ring here, and she has some fantastic suggestions for places to visit in the region. Without further ado, here is our own HillBillyBaubles talking about her craft and the wonderful things about living in Tennessee. Here is her shop:

What got you started making jewelry and how long have you been doing it?

I have been doing one form or the other of crafts for about as long as I can remember. My mama taught me to crochet when I was about 5 or 6, and I can remember how proud I was that I made a string of crocheted yarn that was long enough to wrap around our house. I thought that was the grandest thing. I then moved through all of the different crafts that I could find; crocheting, painting, scrap booking, I was even a cake decorator for a while! But jewelry has been the one craft that I always came back to. 

I started making jewelry in the 80's when I was a teenager. My motto back then was 'The bigger, the brighter, the funkier, the better!" My idols where like everyone else's, artists such as Cindy Lauper and Madonna. I knew I would never sing or dance like them, but, by golly, I could have jewelry like them! I would scrounge around in old vintage shops, junk shops they were called back then. I would find old pieces, bring them home, tear them apart and make something new out of them. 

As I grew older and became a mommy, I put most of my crafts on hold while I raised by daughter. However, I found myself coming back to Jewelry. I love that I can take something old, or odd pieces of this and that and give it a new life and new purpose. An example of this is my metal stamped jewelry, 99% of my metal jewelry is made out hand cut vintage metals. There is just something fascinating about the richness and the texture of brass or copper that is 20 or 30 years old. Then to know that you are taking something that was once loved, and making it loved once again.. that is just priceless.

What is your favorite part about living in Middle TN?

Well, I've always lived in Middle Tennessee, so it is my home! I know people have a lot of staples for this answer, such as the mountains, the laid back lifestyle, the food! Oh, the food! But I enjoy that I have roots here. I can go to where my grandmother grew up, the exact house. I love that I can drive 50 miles in one direction and be in a completely rural setting, and then 50 miles in another direction and be in an bustling, urban community. Also, you know something I really like, the weather. I love that we have 4 distinct seasons. Now, mind you, I'm going to complain all summer that I'm too hot, and all winter that I'm too cold, but I love that I have new seasons to always look forward too! Oh, and a little tidbit for those of you that are not Tennessee Natives. Did you know that Murfreesboro is the geographical center of the state? 

Can you recommend the best local restaurant?

Well, I'm giving two shout outs to my favorite restaurants. One is in my home town, McMinnville. It is located on Main Street and called City Cafe. This is an old fashioned little cafe where you can get great home cooking and awesome ice cream milk shakes. They even have a long booth with little red swivel stools that you can sit at. If anyone of you are participating in the Autumn Street Fair in October, make sure and stop in and tell them that I sent you. 

My second favorite Murfreesboro location would have to be GiGi's.. who needs real food when you can get one of their cupcakes???

Where is you favorite place for jewelry supplies? 

One of my absolute favorite places to get supplies is at JoAnn's. Did you know they offer a 10% VIP card if you have your tax number? That little 10% adds up! 

Are you having any special sales or promotions this month ?

I always run specials! There is nothing that I love more than a sale, so I try to always give my customers lots of discounts to help them out while our economy is so tight. I don't want anyone to ever fall in love with some of my jewelry and then walk away because they feel that the price is out of their reach. My current specials are: 
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Just enter the code at checkout!


  1. I just love the closets are for clothes bracelet!

  2. Thank you Mylana.. I always wanted to say that a certain amount of the proceeds from all of my equality line jewelry is donated to HIV/AIDS awareness and education!!!!! I do this in honor of a dear friend of mine!