Friday, January 27, 2012

Digital Scrapbooking: How To Get Started

Picture Made From Digital Scrapbook Clip Art
Love paper and making scrapbooks, but hate the potential to make mistakes that can't be undone or the inability to save your creation and print it multiple times? If you said yes, then digital scrapbooking might be for you. Basically, it combines the elements of making a normal scrapbook, but you design and share it digitally via social media or an online photo sharing site, like Flickr. You can also print your creations and make greeting cards, calendars, scrapbooks, and more. This article contains more information:

Mama's Sweetheart
I just started digital scrapbooking and I made this layout featuring my cat, Pepper. I used Printmaster software and Gimp 2.

You can purchase many easy to use design programs that come with free templates and clip art. With Printmaster, you can go online and purchase additional papers, clip art, and fonts. It is also easy to find digital collage sheets for sale online to use in your designs. I purchased some on Please note that most of these designs are copyrighted and the intent is to use the content to make your own digital work, not to resell the digital file or clip art in its original form.

So, now that you have completed your first design, what can you do with it?
-print it and frame it for decor
-share it on social media or online
-print it as an ACEO
-use it in jewelry design
-make desktop wallpapers for your computer
-print it on special papers to make t-shirts, mousepads, stickers, and more

The beauty of having your scrapbook as a digital file is that you can put it on a thumb drive or email it to your local printer and have her print it for you professionally to your sepcifications. My brother's inlaws even found a way to turn their digital scrapbook photos into a commerative quilt!

Ummm...He's Only A Little Spoiled

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