Monday, January 23, 2012

Let's Make Earring Cards!

Handmade Ancient Manuscript Earring Cards
Jewelry makers and paper artists, get set to gather your supplies and have handmade earring display cards made in a matter of minutes. All you need is a few basic supplies, and a nice pair of earrings to hang on your new card. Perfect for kids and adults, unique display cards add a touch of class to your creation or gift.

1/16 inch hole pucher
rubber earring backs (donuts)
earrings to display

2 x 2 Inch Squares on Cardstock


TN Made Gift Tags from
Print your design on cardstock or purchase some at a scrapbook store with a cute theme. I purchased the ancient text squares above from in the supplies section and printed it myself on blank cardstock. If your design does not come all ready diveded into blocks, business cards work well. I choose the 2 x 3 option and print them myself. You can even use gift tags, like these made by Billi's Paper Batiks, from Sevierville, TN. When I used this design here in the picture, I cut each gift tag in half, so that I had 2 earring cards from each one.


1/16 Hole Pucher
Score and cut your paper. If you printed business cards or bought a design that is divided into rectangles, start cutting! If you purchased cardsstock with no lines, get out that ruler and score your paper before cutting. Some suggested sizes are 2 x 2 inches (50 x 50 mm) or 2 x 3 inches (50 x 75 mm). Lucky you if you happen to own a paper cutter!

Use the 1/16th punch to make 2 evenly spaced holes at the top of the card.

Insert the earrings into the holes and secure with the rubber earring donuts.

Card With Holes
Now you are done! If you chose the larger, business size cards for backing, you can fold the tops over to hang on a jewelry display shelf or wire. Look for the paper and hole puncher at any scrapbook store. Rubber donuts can be purchased at bead shops or Hobby Lobby. To alter the design for leverback earrings, simply use a regular hole punch to add a second hole 1/4 inch below the tiny ones. Thread the jewelry through both holes and secure the lever.

Rubber Donuts

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