Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How To Wrap and Label Handmade Soap on a Shoestring Budget

Plain Soap All Wrapped Up
 All artisans want their finished products, whether for sale or for gifts, to look professional and have an accurate label. This is of particular concern for craftspeople who specialize in bath and body items and need to be concerned about the potential for allergic reactions to their ingredients. Even "all-natural" soaps need to be labeled with full disclosure of ingredients. Plenty of people have reactions to herbs, nuts, oils, and other botanical in natural products. Therefore, it is in the best interest of everyone to have a nicely packaged product; the question is, how to do this without breaking the bank?

When you are just starting out a business or if you do your crafts for a hobby, you might not have a lot of spare cash to invest in product packaging. Luckily, soap can be wrapped very inexpensively. There is one "secret" ingredient to a good looking finished product that you should splurge on. Everything else costs literally pennies, but it is imperative to use a quick drying, high quality glue. Generic school glue sticks won't cut it. They dry wrinkly and you need to use a lot more product.

Here's what you all need:

Paper of any kind cut into 2 inch strips that are 12 inches long

Labels- mine are printed on vistaprint business cards, which can be purchased 500 for 10 dollars, I print 2 labels on a card and cut it in half for 1000 labels, the labels do not have to be self adhesive, you can glue them on

High Quality Glue or Tape Gun

Washi Tape, twine, ribbon

Nekkid Soap
 Here's how to wrap the soap:
1) Get your label and paper strips cut
2) Wrap soap in tightly in the strip of paper
3) Glue your paper band tightly
4) Set aside for 5 minutes to dry
5) Glue on label
6) Finish with ribbon, twine, washi tape or other embellishment.
Soap Label on a Business Card

Strips Of Paper From a Brown Bag

Soap Wrapped and Glued With Quick Dry Glue

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  1. Wow! Great advice on the vistaprint printing 2 on 1. Thanks for your time in posting this :)