Thursday, March 14, 2013

How To Make Your Own Bath Salts and Spa Soaks

Lavender Bath Salts Packaged in a Gift Jar
Who doesn't like to relax in a hot, aromatic bath after a stressful day? If you are looking for a fun and easy project to make for a spa treatment or gifts, bath salts are a simple project to make, with endless packaging options. You only need a few minutes and a few ingredients, but, there is one very important precaution to take, and that is to use only skin safe fragrance and/or essential oils in the recommended amounts. Sure, any old oil or flavoring extract from the grocery store might smell good, but they can also burn your skin. While completely natural, not all essential oils are safe for skin and need to be used in the appropriate dosages. Please research your oils before purchasing them, even the natural ones. For the sake of safety and cost, I used an artificial lavender fragrance from a well know supplier, who provided usage ratios for my product. I limited the amount of fragrance to 2% in order to minimize itching or burning reaction. Please do not add more scent oil to your salts that recommended by the supplier!

-salt (food safe salt, do NOT use rock salt for ice melting)
-epsom salt
-baking soda (optional)
-skin safe fragrance or essential oil
-food safe dye
-large rubbermaid bin with lid
-wooden spoon or scoop
-plastic gloves
-jars for packaging

Make sure to put on your gloves, for this messy project!


Combine your basic recipe in the clean rubbermaid bin. You can choose either A or B.
A= 1 part baking soda, 1 part table salt, 1 part epsom salt
B= 1 part salt, 1 part epsom salt


Add a few drops of food coloring in the desired shade to the salt mixture. Then, add your fragrance or essential oil at a rate of no greater than 2% by weight. Add food color sparingly, as too much color will result in heavily dyed bath water than can stain tubs and washcloths.


Put lid on bin and shake vigorously.


Remove lid and allow mixture to dry for 24-48 hours before packaging. Shake and stir the ingredients as needed to disperse the dye and scent.


Use 1 cup in a hot bath to relax!

Please note, you can use any salt you want, as long as it is safe food food and has no additives. Depending on how much you wish to spend, online suppliers offer exotic salts, such as pink Himalayan or you can use regular Morton salt from the grocery store. I like to buy my salts at the natural food store where I can select coarse and fine sea salts from the bulk bins. Larger salt will take longer to dissolve in the bath.

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