Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pick-A-Date Art Inspiration Words

Ever at a complete loss for ideas for your artwork, photography, or writing? Here is a fun idea that I borrowed from another blogger, but with different words. The way it works is easy, simply look at the word of the day for each date and meditate on that subject as a theme for your piece. Sometimes, we pressure ourselves too much to be original and end up stressed with "writer's block" and a lack of ideas. Try letting someone else thing of a subject for your art and get creative with incorporating that theme into your work! Without further ado, here are 31 words for any day of the month:

1) Wolves
2) Enlightenment
3) Nurture
4) Nomad
5) Birch Tree
6) Waltz
7) Wagon
8) Mandarin
9) Mountain Top
10) Nile River
11) Ripple
12) Omen
13) Galaxy
14) Sandalwood
15) Papaya
16) Conch
17) Vinegar
18) Tunguska
19) Scuba
20) Cavern
21) Dime
22) Crescent
23) Alphabet
24) Prairie
25) Tangerine
26) Jungle
27) Dragon
28) Rotate
29) Insect
30) Snow
31) Railroad

1 comment:

  1. Great idea if your blog is a general one - if you see what I mean. Mine tends to be related to toys - new and much-loved ones in need of rehab, so it's a bit difficult to use your template. So far, thank goodness, I've not had a problem: but, one day - who knows.

    Meanwhile, good luck with your blogging: pop round and see what I mean about mine sometime: we'd love to see you!