Saturday, March 24, 2012

Decorating Clothing With Rubber Stamps

Hand Stamped Danskin Tshirt
Close Up Of Stamp
Yes, I have fallen head over heels in love with rubber stamps and all the artistic things to do with them. Here is my latest project, a hand stamped tshirt, and directions for doing it yourself. The only things you need are Fabrico ink, a rubber stamp, an iron, and clothing to stamp.

Fabrico brand ink and ink pads are available at all the major craft stores in the scrapbook supplies section. You can find it in many different colors and it also is good for stamping wood. This dye needs to be heat sealed with an iron to prevent fading from the material. Make sure to buy an extra bottle of ink with your ink pad- this project uses a lot more ink than stamping paper.

First, spread your tshirt flat and apply ink to the rubber stamp by gently pressing the stamp to the ink pad, until there is a thick, even coating on the stamp. You might want to have a practice piece of scrap fabric to test before stamping the clothing item. Now, stamp the impression onto the shirt. Make sure to let it dry a few minutes before doing the back. Fabrics absorb lots of ink, so you may need to re ink the pad often. After your work area and stamps are cleaned up, iron your creation and keep the heat over the stamped area for 30-45 seconds to seal the images. They will look slightly shiny after ironing.

Try stamping jeans or using multiple colors for some extra fun! You can even paint directly on fabric with Fabrico ink. Just make sure to iron and heat seal every project. Don't forget this ink works on wood as well.

Fabrico Ink For Rubber Stamps


  1. you're right following in love with it! wonderful stamps :D

  2. That looks like fun! What do you clean the stamps with, I've noticed the fabric ink is really sticky!


    1. I used 50% rubbing alcohol solution and a dishrag. I read in a stamp forum that alcohol free baby wipes work well too. There is a stamp cleaner I saw at hobby lobby but it was expensive.

  3. Thanks a bunch! I just bought some stamps and didn't know exactly how to go about decorating a shirt.

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