Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Home Decor For Less That a Dollar- Acrylic Paint

Painted Wood Plaque
 We have all seen those bottles of colorful paint at Hobby Lobby or Walmart that cost about a dollar and admired the pretty colors. Next time you see them, pick up a few bottles. Even if painting is not your normal crafty medium, you can add a punch of color to your home decor for very little money, even if you are an amateur!

Remember, the shabby look is in; that means no worrying if the paint job is imperfect, rough, or chippy. In fact, there are many techniques that are popular right now that help you make your paint job look distressed and weathered. When selecting an item to paint, look at thrift stores and yard sales for inexpensive wood items and furniture. The shelf below took one bottle of paint to decorate. Buy multiple bottles or a larger size if you are planning a bigger project. Also keep in mind that acrylic is not good for outdoor objects. If you are painting, for example, patio furniture, look for weatherproof paint. Save the inexpensive craft paint for indoor items.

I like to scavenge for items to paint at secondhand shops and rummage sales, because I can find items for very little money to fix up and I don't have to worry if I mess up and ruin something expensive. Please beware of buying larger, more expensive items to paint- you might accidentally ruin an antique or something that is valuable with the original wood surface intact. I am not an expert in wood or antique objects, so I stick to painting small, inexpensive objects. Before painting wood furniture, I would recommend asking a knowledgeable person about the age and value of the object.

Shelf Before

Happy painting and don't forget to buy paintbrushes and a tarp to protect your painting area. Acrylic paint comes off your hands with soap and water. I like to use a gritty soap with coffee grounds, seeds, or sugar. Unfortunately, it doesn't come off clothes that easily, so wear a smock or apron and your work clothes.

Finally, remember to clean your object well before painting. You want to remove and dust and debris. This type of paint dries with a matte surface; however, you can buy a clear gloss top coat if you want a lustrous finish. I prefer the matte to get that understated cottage feel for my decor.

The 2 brands of paint I buy most are Apple Barrell and Folk Art brands. If you want to stamp designs over your wood with rubber stamps, use the ink brand Staz On. For outdoor projects, like a metal wagon I painted, I use Rust Oleum brand  spray paint from the hardware store.
Shelf After

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