Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's For The Birds...Errr, And The Squirrels! Get Your Spring Feeders Ready

Kitty Watches Nibbles at the Feeder

The weather is getting warmer and all the stores are putting out the gardening products and seeds- that means it is time to start thinking Spring! This short post is inspired by a window feeder I put out last week. I all ready had a visitor the next day, and one VERY happy kitty. Now, I am thinking of building  or assembling from a kit, a new, wooden feeder or birdhouse. There are plenty of designs to choose from; even ones that are supposed to thwart the squirrels (HA!). I think I am going to choose an unpainted one I saw at the hardware store and paint it. If you want to be adventurous, you can also find hummingbird feeders, squirrel snacker stations, and gourd birdhouses. Whatever you decide, start working on your project soon, to get ready for Spring.

Ktty Wants to Eat Nibbles

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