Sunday, March 18, 2012

Large Hole Beads: The Easiest Way To Make Jewelry

Large Hole Beads On A Snake Chain
Getting started with personalized jewelry couldn't be easier with using large hole beads. Also known as European style or by the brand names Pandora and Troll, these types of beads have large diameters and can be strung on special chains that have screw-off ends. Simply unscrew the end cap, place the beads you want on the chain, and screw the cap back on- anyone can do it!

Widely available at gift shops and jewelry supply stores, you will have no problem finding the chains and beads for sale. Many jewelers offer the brand name beads in birthstones and other special occasion themes. Unfortunately, most of the retail and brand name beads and chains are expensive. You can buy beads and accessories at craft stores or online from China, at a low price, but the brand name chains might be more durable. I have found no difference in quality between the brand name and craft store beads though, with the exception of the metal cores not being made of sterling silver. My preference is to buy the beads used, that way I can support small independent sellers that might need money. Ebay and Etsy are great places to search for used beads. Search for "destash beads" or look for lots of beads labeled, "Fits _____ Style Bracelets". There are also metal and charm beads available.

In Middle TN, I have seen the beads for sale at Reeves Sain pharmacy on Memorial. They also sell necklace and earring blanks for the beads. The average cost of one bead there is 6.00 dollars. Used bead prices range from fifty cents to about 3.00 dollars each bead, although you can score a real deal if you search the destash lots online. 

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