Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rockvale Art Barn- A Must-See Local Business, Serving The Art Community

Recently, I visited The Art Barn, an amazing haven for the arts and crafts in Middle Tennessee. It is a rustic home and studio where classes are offered and there is a wide variety of handmade goods and artwork for sale. It is run by the resident artist, Dawna and her husband, the "head engineer", Joe. There will be an outdoor fair and live music on March 31st; however, there is fresh coffee and tea available everyday- just make sure to leave a donation to support the arts! The Art Barn is located 10 minutes outside Murfreesboro, on New Salem Hwy. See this link below for directions, class schedules, and much more:

Dawna has 2 Etsy shops as well for purchasing her items online:

Now, let's get to the fun stuff and look at the homey interior and some of the arts and crafts available for sale! Please note that Dawna, the owner and artist in charge of The Art Barn, is the creator of many of the works below, but there are many other local artists represented.

The Art Barn Outside Murfreesboro

Look For The Metal Sculpture on New Salem Hwy.

A Variety of Classes Available
Churp Birdhouses

Polymer Clay Decorated Table
Ma Belle's Goat Milk Soap
Decorative Tray
Sewing Lesson Area
Girl In Ski Har
A Local Jewelry Artist, Mary Santos Bailey, Takes a Sewing Lesson
Old Bar From Bell Buckle With Complimentary Coffee
Fabric Owl
Handmade Wine Rack
Hats and Hair Accessories
A Work In Progress Upstairs in Dawna's Studio
Children's Mural on Storage Container

"The Poet"- A Painting Available For Sale

Portriat of Joe, Dawna's Husband

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